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Welcome to Illuminate

Check out our weekly Rhythm & events to find out how you could get involved, and get in contact with our youth team, to find out more.

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Sunday 10am

Come and sit with us at the 10am service, we start in Church every week.

1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays - group for Y7-9s, Y10+ stay in.

2nd Sunday - Cafe Church

4th Sunday - Dunkin' & stories of life with God.

Tuesday Encounter

Encountering God Outdoors. We have a range of activities on the 3rd Tuesday month from 7:30-9pm. Contact Sophie to find out where to meet this month.

Join a team

Get involved, there are opportunities to join the worship team, learn to use the audio visual systems and help out on team, or maybe you're more geared up to making a cuppa, or welcoming people, there's a space for you to serve.


Momentum is our youth hub which meets at 7-8:30pm on a Sunday evening in Church. It offers time to socialise, play some games together, explore the Bible and get some tuck!

Thursday Encounter

Join us from 7:30-8:30 at Church on Thursday for a small group for Y7-13, we have some time to socialise, catch up on each others weeks, pray for each other and have a dance.


Do get in contact with Sophie if you would like to meet up as a one off or would like formal mentoring.


Do get in contact if you'd like to do your volunteering for DofE with us. We can organise a chat to set out how you can get involved.

Illuminate Youth Logo.png

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