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Taking the Staff of God
30th September 2018

Taking the Staff of God

Passage: Exodus 3:7-4-23
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In Exodus 3:7-8 God makes a clear statement of His intent to rescue Israel - in fact He says it is as good as done: 'I have come down to rescue ...' or more accurately 'I am come down'.  And when God says something we can know for certain that it is a done deal!  Moses no doubt is relieved to hear this, but when the Lord says: 'So go.  I am sending you', Moses isn't so sure.  But when God acts, it is usually through human agency that He chooses to work - in this instance it is Moses!

And having called Moses, God also equips him -  we see how God puts into Moses hand, power and authority.  Indeed in 4:20 we read that Moses returned to Egypt taking the Staff of God in his hand.