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David & Anne Curnock Tear Fund

17th November 2019
David & Anne Curnock share the vision for the Tanzanian Church and Community Mobilisation Programme through the work of Tear Fund.
In this talk Joy uses Psalm 40 to explore the issue of mental health. We consider some myths in the church about mental health, and how the words of this…
Busyness?   How do you feel about busyness? What thoughts come to mind when you hear that word? There is no doubt, that to live productive and fruitful lives, there also…
This part of Nehemiah shows how the resettled Israelites in Jerusalem were reminded of God's unchanged love but also how much they had neglected their side of the relationship. It…

Modern Day Slavery

20th October 2019
Joy French brings fresh insights into the tragedy of modern day slavery.
Rebuilding - Listening to God's voice over every other voice
“Nehemiah has been rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, but with the community facing multiple challenges, this is no easy task. This text causes us to ask questions about our own…

Dealing with opposition

29th September 2019
Dealing with opposition from outside the community. The first part of the talk looks at four incidents related to opposition from outside the community recorded in Nehemiah Chapter 4 and how…

Trusting our future to God

22nd September 2019
'Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God'. One of St John's young people, Xobeen Gould, shares an inspirational message about trusting God with our future.

Celebrating St John’s Youth

22nd September 2019
St John's Youth Minister, Will Gowers,  presents an exciting new vision for the next season of our Youth Ministry