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Limelight is our Sunday morning meeting! If you like waffles with chocolate spread, games and learning about how we do life as followers of Jesus, this is for you. Limelight starts at 10am at St Johns, where we worship with the rest of the church family. We then all head over to the The Attic, our youth base, which is on Forbes Road behind the vicarage. We start with breakfast and teaching and then have a time of games and social till midday.Limelight is our main meeting in the week so is not one to be missed! 

Encounter Groups are our small group's that meet during the week. During COVID 19 they have all gone online over zoom. It has been am amazing time of sharing how we are all doing as well as learning more about how to be a follower of Jesus, especially during social distancing! Encounter is stopping over August and will be starting again in the Autumn term. Get in touch with us for more info.

Illuminate FC is the football teams at Illuminate Youth. They meet on Friday evening and play as part of the SCYL football league. Due to COVID 19 SCYL is currently not running. Before lockdown we had 3 teams across all the leagues;  Y7-9, Y9-11 and Y11-13. Connect us for more info about getting involved and what is happening instead.

Momentum is our Sunday evening youth gathering. Due to COVID 19 Momentum has moved onto zoom with a weekly quiz! Over August Momentum won't be happening but will be started again in September. Normally Momentum consists of games, tuck shop and a message for the day! As well as bean bags, fairy lights and a doodle table cloth..

Winn Gardens Youth Club happens during term time on Winn Gardens. Due to COVID 19 it isn't running. We will start back up ASAP. For more info about what is happening on Winn Gardens speak to Suzanne, our Community Pioneer on the estate.

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