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Sunday Groups

Every Sunday we run groups for all ages at our 10am service


Bubbles for age 2½ - 4   
Bec Ackroyd & team.

With the Bubbles’ leaders, our under 5's have a lot of fun learning about and getting to know Jesus while they play.

Our sessions offer a variety of play activities related to our bible story. This helps our younger children to settle more easily and enables us to form a relationship with them.

We have regular activities each week such as the welcome clap, snack-time, music-box time and ‘Bubble Prayers’. We have a lovely team who have a heart for the children and who are experience in working with this age group.


Splash Key stage 1 / Infants  
Chris Low & team.

The Splash children love to play together, be creative, use their energy, explore new ideas and enjoy old favourites. They have a great capacity for friendship and empathy for anyone in trouble; they have a depth of spirituality that can be both matter of fact and breathtaking! Splash encourages our children in their daily lives with God with a lively, interactive Bible based programme, which includes drama, quizzes, puppets, memory verses, art and song.


Xstream  Key stage 2 / Juniors
Amanda Pearson & team.

KS2 Children like to have fun too! They enjoy being with their friends and are growing increasingly independent. They like the to play games and be creative; their capacity to learn is enormous!  We feed their imagination in Xstream and allow them space to ask questions about things that younger children take for granted.  Xstream encourages our children to live their daily lives for God. The session begins with the Xstream children exploring the theme together, before going deeper in two age groups: Y3/4 & Y5/6


H2O  for Key Stage 3 / Yr 7 - 9
Jo Hopkins & team.

As children grow, both spiritually and emotionally, their need for a different space emerges; they can have in-depth conversations about the nature of God, whilst also wanting to chat and have fun with their friends! The H2O leaders encourage a deeper relationship with God, not shying away from questions that the young people are asking.


H2O2  Key Stage 4 / Yr 10+
Jo Tapper & team

H202 is a fun and easy-going space for young people in year 9 and above to discover God for themselves and build lasting friendships.


Youth - First Sunday Costa Coffee

On the first Sunday in the month we take the Y9-13 to Costa Coffee.  This usually involves an inspirational guest speaker sharing something about their life and faith.