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On Your Own?
This new ministry brings together those separated, divorced, unmarried or widowed to affirm and encourage each other. We are all of different ages (20s to 80s) and interests.  Through the year there will be regular socials plus meetings to talk/pray about different topics. We're all about companionship in Christ and recognising that being 'on your own' needn't mean journeying through life alone.

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Friday Pub Night
Every Friday at 8pm the group meet in a local pub.  There is opportunity for fellowship with Christians and non-Christians alike in a socially relaxed environment.

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Pub Lunch Club
This group meets monthly for a pub lunch and sometimes for a walk – venues and times are publicised on the weekly news sheet or you can find out more by contacting


Freedom Fridays
A weekly walking group involving members and friends from the local churches; this a great opportunity to get to know people in a relaxed and friendly way.

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