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Passing through the waters to freedom
28th October 2018

Passing through the waters to freedom

Passage: Exodus 13:17 - 14:30
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As the people of Israel leave Egypt, the Lord leads them to a place where they seem to be hemmed in between the desert and the sea - they are trapped 'between the divil and the deep-blue sea' - or so it seems.  Sometimes our circumstances appear to have contrived to work against us but, as Israel discover, the Lord really is in sovereign control!   They see a powerful demonstration of God's power revealed as, through the waters of the Red Sea,  He delivers His people from their enemy and they come into a new found freedom.

As we reflect on this amazing story, we begin to glimpse images of Jesus' victory at the cross and of our baptism - freedom from the dominion of darkness and beginning a new adventure in our journey with God..