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Can’t we just passover sin?
21st October 2018

Can’t we just passover sin?

Passage: Exodus 12
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Some passages of scripture are both wonderful and horrifying simultaneously, and this is one of them. It is the story of how God brings salvation from slavery for the Israelite people, and yet it is also a story of desolation and destruction for the Egyptians.
How do we come to understand the raw power of a holy God in the face of broken humanity?
In this talk, Joy explains that human sin is not just about the occasional white lie or broken promise, rather, it is the way that all of humanity are caught in a web of systemic and structural evil that we are powerless to break in our own power.
We are in need of a saviour, and we see the way that the Passover story in Exodus demonstrates the saving power that Jesus would bring when he laid down his life on the cross as the perfect and spotless firstborn son.
In the light of this, can we trust that we are truly forgiven and set free from our own slavery to sin? And if this is the case, what will we do to be a part of the story of liberation for others?