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Prayer FIRST 2018

In 2018 we are launching a new and exciting prayer initiative …

As part of our on-going vision to develop a culture of putting prayer first, we are changing the way we pray together as a church community.

The vision for ‘Prayer FIRST’ is to see prayer set right at the heart of St John’s life. As we seek God’s face together, we are looking to Him for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and empowering for mission.


Devote yourselves to prayer,
being watchful and thankful.

Col 4: 2

The scriptures are full of encouragements for the church to pray, especially that we pray together; and for good reason. Prayer is revealed as being vital for the breaking of strongholds, the releasing blessing and for extending the Kingdom; but for the church truly to be together in prayer, it requires that we be both intentional and focused.

Prayer is also something in which we are to grow and encourage one another; and just as any group of muscles in the body is developed and strengthened as it is exercised, so it is with a church that exercises together in prayer.

So if we are to develop a culture of ‘Prayer First’ it will mean, first of all, agreeing that this is indeed what God requires, but also that we commit and devote ourselves wholeheartedly to praying together!

“My passion is to see 2018 be a year that is soaked in prayer
and drenched in a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit”

A new season of fruitfulness

We are moving into a time when it seems God is leading us into a whole new and fruitful season of mission in which He is looking to release His Kingdom blessing among us.

In recent weeks, the Lord has opened some amazing doors for the Gospel that will see us engaging with the wider community in ways that will take us into a whole new dimension of mission.  BUT to do these things, prayer must be central in our life together as a church community!

Changes to our current pattern of prayer at St John’s

‘Prayer FIRST’ will be a monthly week-night gathering.  Each month there will be a midweek prayer evening. These ‘Prayer FIRST’ gatherings will be held in church.  They will be on a different night each month so that everyone will have opportunity to participate.  There will be no Small Group meetings on the weeks when we hold the ‘Prayer FIRST’ gatherings.

“We aim to make ‘Prayer FIRST
an exciting and dynamic time of prayer!”

What will the evenings involve?

‘Prayer FIRST’ evenings will be filled with different and imaginative ways of praying that will enable everyone to connect and to participate in a way that is right for them.

‘Prayer FIRST’ evenings will be relaxed and informal; you can also come and go as you please, stay for the whole time or drop in for as much as you feel able.

The evenings will include:

  • Coming into His presence – a time of worship to draw near to God and tune-in to the Father’s heart.
  • An inspirational word to encourage, envision and inspire our prayer.
  • Prayer Focus – input on different areas for each of the Prayer FIRST gatherings.
  • Creative and inspirational ways to pray and intercede – including teaching and modelling different kinds prayer and ways of praying.
  • Various areas of the church will be set up to enable you to pray in a way that is right for you, whether in silent reflective prayer, written prayers or in pray conversations with others.
  • Time to wait on the Lord in stillness, hearing from God and sharing prophetic words.

Provision will be made for those who find it hard to hear – you will be able to participate.

Dates for our monthly Prayer FIRST Gatherings

Wednesday 17th January
Thursday 15th February
Tuesday 13th March
Wednesday 18th April
Thursday 17th May
Tuesday 12th June
Wednesday 18th July
Thursday 16th August
Tuesday 11th September
Wednesday 17th October
Thursday 15th November
Tuesday 18th December
All Prayer FIRST gatherings are from 7.30pm – 9.30pm.
You are welcome to come for as much of the evenings as you areable, feel free to Come & Go.