We’re keen to keep building our relationships with each other and God, despite the current restrictions.

Check out our weekly rhythm & events to find out how you could get involved, and do be in contact with Sophie, our youth worker, for links or if you’d like to find out more.

Weekly Rhythm

Breakout room from the 10am Sunday zoom morning service.

The breakout room offers a space to explore the topic of the service and Bible reading in a way that is accessible to young people, but we’ll be covering the same topics as the main talk so should you want to, you can have a chat about it with your family later.

Sunday @7-8.30 on zoom

Momentum is our chance to hang out as a group, with evenings including quizzes, games, and the odd food related evening.
Monday Encounter @ 6:30-7:30 on zoom

Wednesday Encounter @ 7-8 on zoom

Encounter groups offer a space to chat about all things life and faith in a smaller group.

Fortnightly on Tuesdays 7.30-9pm

This is a new group for year 10+ to talk climate change, find out why God cares, what the Bible has to say and explore how that might influence our lifestyles.
Fridays Between 5:00-7:15PM

We currently have two teams in the Sheffield Christian Youth League in the U16 & U18 leagues. If you are interested in joining or helping found an U14 team do be in contact.

On Fridays we play a 45 min, 5-a-side match between 5.00-7.15 (timings communicated on a weekly basis) Email Sophie to get involved or just find out more!

Contact Sophie -

Upcoming Events