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As we begin this New Year with our focus of Prayer First, Joy explores the life of prayer. Through telling part of her family’s story and reflecting on Jesus' teaching…
2018 sees us renewing our corporate prayer life.  Nick shares the vision of our monthly 'Prayer FIRST' gatherings as we seek to move in a fresh anointing of the Holy…
Catherine explores the riches of Psalm 148 - a tremendous psalm of praise.

The Greatest Gift

25th December 2017

What are we waiting for?

10th December 2017
In the run up to Christmas, life can be busy, but advent is a time of waiting. As we wait, we experience tension between the realities of life and what…

Available for the Lord

3rd December 2017
At our 'All Together' service, Brian looks at Mary's willingness to be available for the Lord's purposes, trusting Him implicitly.
'Value People' is one of our four foundation values - because 'people matter to God'.  Our faith is validated by the way we are in our interaction with others; as…

Value God’s Resources

19th November 2017
This week Joy explores the third of our four foundation values - 'Value God's Resources' : Living God dependent, Holy Spirit enabled lives.
A we remember and reflect on the cost of war in terms of human lives and the legacy such destruction leaves, we think too about the ongoing conflicts that ravage…