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A Call to Prayer – Nick Dawson

 As a church that seeks to be a missional community, with a passion to make Jesus known and to see lives and communities transformed, the call to prayer is not only a clear imperative, it is essential to bearing fruit for the Kingdom.


“Apart from me you can do nothing”
Jesus is clear – only through His enabling power and grace can we actually do anything that will bear fruit. I am constantly amazed at how we see God do some amazing things – but it is often with surprisingly little prayer!  Imagine what an impact there will be if we truly value prayer – and venture deeper together in developing a culture of ‘Prayer First’ in all things!

I know that a good deal of prayer goes on in different ways among the church community, but there is no substitute for times when, as a ‘gathered church’, we seek God’s face together; regularly and fervently praying and listening to God.

As our church extension scheme gains momentum in the New Year, prayer will be especially important.
A project like this will simply not happen without significant levels of prayer and our mission will be meaningless if it is not engaged in the power of God.

I know that prayer is not always easy – and we each find different ways of praying that resonate with us more than other ways – so if we are to mean business in praying together, it will require us to be creative and wholehearted in committing to come before God as one community.

A new Central Prayer Focus for St John’s
From January 2018, we will introduce a monthly midweek prayer time in church; one that will take place instead of Small Groups and replace the current first Sunday Prayer Gathering.  The day of the month will vary to enable wider participation.

My prayer is that together we will develop an exciting, highly creative and dynamic prayer time, in which we meet with God, worship, soak in His presence, pray in different ways and listen to His Holy Spirit!

Get involved
Over the next few weeks, a ‘Call to Prayer’ leaflet will explore this further and invite you to be involved in helping this become central to our life and mission together. More details in the coming weeks will be available in our website ‘Blog’ section.