India 1India 4India 5India 3Since 2005 St John’s Owlerton, the Taunton Vineyard Church and their friends have had the privilege of partnering with the New Life Children’s Home in India.  The partnership began when we offered to support a Pastor and his wife who had rescued a small number of children from a life on the streets of Patna city.  From a small gift of £2,000 that we originally sent out, a home was established in Patna, Bihar.  gradually things have grown such that today

New Life Children’s Ministries today has two children’s homes in Patna-Bihar and Kathikund-Jharkhand, caring for over one hundred and fifty children at the two centres.    Together we are able to care for the basic needs of the children, such as food, education, clothing, shelter and medical care.  With the purchase of some new land in rural Kathikund huge progress has been made towards the construction of a purpose-built home for the children and the establishing of the New Life Academy School.

This year, huge progress has been made at the Kathikund home as we have just seen the completion of the new school kitchen and staff dining room and construction is underway for new staff accommodation.

The New Life Academy School is now well established, it now takes village children too.  This came into being because there was no English-medium school in the area.  The new permanent school structure is currently used to accommodate the children and the school is operating from temporary buildings until the new home is built.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are grown by the children with the help of a gardener.  They have two cows, each with a young a calf and chickens too.