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Joy French joins the team as Pioneer Curate

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Joy’s video blog as she prepares for ordination.

The Value of Humanity – Deb Meddings

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As I watched the recent events unfolding in Grenfell Tower, I was deeply saddened for many different reasons. As the news channels scrambled to pour every morsel of angst into the viewers homes, my morbid fascination drew on the events unfolding on the screen. I reasoned that it was okay to watch because I was detached from the situation and I had a moral responsibility to gather as much information as possible; to make sense […]

Overcoming Temptation – Jon Cooper

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A couple of hundred years or so after the English had first settled the east coast of America, and following a period in which they’d relied upon the native peoples for everything from basic food and shelter to a steady supply of furs for the lucrative ‘Cruella Deville coat’ market back home, they succumbed to temptation like a child who knows where the biscuits are kept. ‘It was the usual temptation,’ writes Hugh Brogan in […]

God Marvellous Creations – Deb Meddings

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About five years ago I discovered I had breast cancer; it was the second time I had the disease and it was quite a frightening period, especially as I wasn’t with Christ. I became a Christian after treatment but when I was still feeling very tired and life really had no meaning to it. I had to give up work as physically I couldn’t manage and was really resentful. When I first came to Christ […]