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By Joy French I still find myself surprised every January by the promise of the New Year stretching out before us, as yet undefiled, heavy with hopes, plans and anticipation of what lies ahead. The feast of Epiphany (6th January) traditionally celebrates the visit of the Magi to the infant Jesus, and their realisation of his divinity.  An epiphany is also a new realisation, something that we see

In 2018 we are launching a new and exciting prayer initiative … As part of our on-going vision to develop a culture of putting prayer first, we are changing the way we pray together as a church community. The vision for ‘Prayer FIRST’ is to see prayer set right at the heart of St John’s life. As we seek God’s face together, we are looking to

New Year New Beginning In 2018 we will be sharing some new and exciting developments in the life of St John’s. We will be looking at new structures at St John’s that will help us operate more effectively as the Body of Christ – we will be sharing more fully the amazing diversity of mission and ministry that is unfolding – and in the Spring we will be in a place to bring

 As a church that seeks to be a missional community, with a passion to make Jesus known and to see lives and communities transformed, the call to prayer is not only a clear imperative, it is essential to bearing fruit for the Kingdom.   “Apart from me you can do nothing” Jesus is clear – only through His enabling power and grace can we actually do

As I watched the recent events unfolding in Grenfell Tower, I was deeply saddened for many different reasons. As the news channels scrambled to pour every morsel of angst into the viewers homes, my morbid fascination drew on the events unfolding on the screen. I reasoned that it was okay to watch because I was detached from the situation and I had a moral responsibility to gather

A couple of hundred years or so after the English had first settled the east coast of America, and following a period in which they’d relied upon the native peoples for everything from basic food and shelter to a steady supply of furs for the lucrative ‘Cruella Deville coat’ market back home, they succumbed to temptation like a child who knows where the biscuits are kept. ‘It

About five years ago I discovered I had breast cancer; it was the second time I had the disease and it was quite a frightening period, especially as I wasn’t with Christ. I became a Christian after treatment but when I was still feeling very tired and life really had no meaning to it. I had to give up work as physically I couldn’t manage and was